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Lyrics and Tunes

[SND]Jesus bleibet meine freudeJ.S.Bach
[SND]Wachet auf,ruft uns die stimme BWV645J.S.Bach
[SND]Colonel bogeyAlford
[SND]The marriage of figaro K492W.A.Mozart
[SND]Fruehlingsstimmen op.410 J.Strauss2
[SND]Big band
[SND]17mile.mid 29k
[SND]afternoon.mid 5k
[SND]akira.mid 14k
[SND]asia.mid 7k
[SND]az.mid 7k
[SND]baby.mid 18k
[SND]ben.mid 14k
[SND]calcio.mid 15k
[SND]cat.mid 10k
[SND]densi.mid 10k
[SND]enka1.mid 36k
[SND]family.mid 10k
[SND]flower.mid 4k
[SND]fusion1.mid 47k
[SND]holiday.mid 10k
[SND] kibou.mid 14k
[SND] mogu.mid 13k
[SND] mooncat.mid 12k
[SND] october.mid 11k
[SND] orange.mid 8k
[SND] p&bonbon.mid 11k
[SND] papillon.mid 12k
[SND] pietra.mid 12k
[SND] pop3.mid 51k
[SND] rocket.mid 36k
[SND] sad.mid 5k
[SND] seraphim.mid 11k
[SND] shiki.mid 10k
[SND] shouchu.mid 8k
[SND] smoke.mid 5k
[SND] soba.mid 7k
[SND] sunnyday.mid 12k
[SND] walking.mid 10k
[SND] winter.mid 8k
[SND] xmascome.mid 15k

               AsciiT         hough

             tsAsciiTho     ughtsAscii

            ThoughtsAsci   iThoughtsAsci

           iThoughtsAscii ThoughtsAsciiTh

          oughtsAsciiThou ghtsAsciiThought

          sAsciiThoughtsA sciiThoughtsAsci

          iThoughtsAsciiT houghtsAsciiThou

           ghtsAsciiT        houghtsAscii

            Thought            sAsciiTh

             ought              sAsci


         sAsciiT                  houghtsAsci

       iThoughts                 AsciiThought

      sAsciiThoug               htsAsciiThoug

      htsAsciiThou             ghtsAsciiThoug

      htsAsciiThough ts     Asci iThoughtsAsc

       iiThoughtsAs ciiThoughtsAs ciiThought

        sAsciiTho   ughtsAsciiTho   ughtsA

          sciiTh   oughtsAsciiTho

                   ughtsAsciiTho ug

                    htsAsciiTho  ug

                      htsAsciiT   ho







                                   ou       ghtsAsci

                                  iT    houghtsAsciiTh

                                 ou   ghtsAsciiThought

        sAscii                  Th  oughtsAsciiThoughts

    AsciiThoughtsA             sc iiThoughtsA

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