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Ten Golden Rules to avoid becoming Bedridden

  Chapter 1   First of all, it is important to take steps to avoid getting either a disease of the brain and its blood vessels or breaking a bone. 

[ Reason why people become bedridden and related issues.]

  Chapter 2   The above factors can cause people to become bedridden but it is over-caring, or excessive nursing, that can force a person to become permanently confined to bed, i.e. bedfast.

[ How to avoid becoming unnecessarily bedfast. ]

  Chapter 3  Early rehabilitation aids recovery  --- Start training in bed!

[ Why early rehabilitation is so important. ]

  Chapter 4   Start engaging normal daily activities, such as going to the bathroom and changing clothes at home

[ The need for rehabilitation and its importance in daily life. ]

  Chapter 5   Waking up in the morning, getting dressed, and maintaining a physical separation between the sleeping room and the eating place.

[ Why maintain a separation? ]

  Chapter 6   The basic idea of home help or so-called personal care, in Western countries, is to monitor the sick and elderly without over-helping them.

[ Self-reliance should be encouraged. ]

  Chapter 7   Getting out of bed. 

[Using wheelchairs and other equipment to widen range of activity. ]

  Chapter 8   Reforming and adapting the home by using care devices, handrails and smooth surfaces without bumps.

[ Promoting a properly equipped living environment. ]

  Chapter 9   Find an outdoor interest, get out and enjoy life.

[ The need to be part of society. ]

  Chapter 10   Don't hesitate to make use of function training session and the Day Service.   Avoid becoming bedridden by supporting each other in your neighborhood.

[ Taking the initiative and making use of services. ]

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