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Biz Connexion
Name / ID Country ICQ#[Uin] MS NetMeeting & Others Interests
Liza HongKong 16343786 - Trading Business for Live birds, Squirrels,Frozen Seafood, tooling steel,etc.
gegom Colombia 15239088 ils.business.four11.com Economist, Prof. of Univ.
sam India 14303243 - Manufacturing steel and plastic homeprodudts
TalkinShoes U.S.A. 11757579 theronbox@yahoo.com PeopleLink Advertising Co. in New York
Nuts Malawi 5686748 ils.four11.com Tel: 265-824169 supplier to building industry
Swek France 7116506 - math teaching through network locally & international purchase of elements for housing
BRAINY~ Indonesia 739821 ils.four11.com FORTUNE PR ; PR Consultants
Gunawan Australia 12595662 - Engineer of tel communication
shotokan Israel 13961022 - Tel: 972-3-5732588 / Ramat Gan
Patricia Spain 12265191 ils.four11.com Visit our Cyber station
Mckenzie Canada 10065956 ils.business.four11.com US and Canadian products shipped to your door at wholesale! Looking for business partner
Jacques France - ils.business.four11.com Exporting Parfum, champagne etc.
Looking for partner
Patmos Zimbabwe 11742890 - Importing cars, etc.
Any other business contacts
kakishima Japan 9245479 ils.business.four11.com Trading devices for Rehabilitation etc.
Translation Service and TravelAgency

b2b Networks 

  • kouzai.com
  • hanwa-steel.com
  • smart on line
  • nihon metal site
  • Oil & Petrochemical
  • chemcross.com
  • e-osn.com
  • Fabric
  • ito-ito.com
  • Construction Materials
  • construction-ec.com
  • Electronic Parts
  • e2open.com

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